There is infinite number of dance tracks sitting in the music vaults. I know that DJs spend hours seeking out new tracks to play for us and in this blog I want to heap praise on those that resist playing the same old, same old (click here to read my piece ‘The Same Old Song’). Like any dance music enthusiast I have my own favourites and I thought I might dare to suggest a few that might be given the once over in the hope they might get played. My second choice is The Jive Aces Singing in the rain.

Actually this song was once quite popular but I can’t remember hearing it recently. I also recall it only ever being played at independent freestyles and Ceroc DJs seemed to give it a miss, so my wish is that the main stream DJs give it a whirl. As songs fall out of the charts so I imagine they fall of DJs playlists. I’m always going on about not playing the same old, same old stuff, so I suppose its good that tracks do disappear from time to time. However can we bring this one back! I just love it and its something very different. When it was played it always stood out from the tracks either side of it, proving just how distinctive it is.

The track has a bouncy beat wonderfully driven along by a stand up bass that has you hopping around the dance floor. The rhythm is also helped along by a piano and clarinet accompaniment but they never overpower the bass, and it’s the bass line that makes it so wonderful to dance to. But the track gets better, and the whole dance experience is intensified, when the saxophone solo kicks in. I know this sax solo is coming and I find myself holding back, but when it explodes across the room, with that long held high note, I’m off. Keep the moves simply – Hand Jive, Travelling Return, Spot Turn, throw in a Man Spin with a Ceroc Spin return and keep lifting your feet.

The track just keeps getting better and better – an improvised vocal line ups the intensity a little more, then a trumpet joins in the fun and then the whole band gets in on the act. You can not sit this out, so when you hear the tap shoe opening over the pitter patter of rain grab a partner – remember girls you can ask a guy. No excuses – fill your boots and dance your heart out. (got a little over the top there – but I love it)

On Week 3 of Strickly Come Dancing, Ore Oduba put on a amazing show of American Smooth to this classic song from the movie of the same name. Even Gene Kelly’s widow was impressed by his performance. It is surely one of the most recognised dance tunes in the history of popular entertainment, and I’m sure everyone watching wished that they could have shared just a little bit of the joy Ore was experiencing. I know I did. Well, we dancers are lucky, for we can experience the joy of dancing when ever we wish and if the DJ does play Singing in the rain we’ll all get a chance to do an ‘Ore’ out on the dance floor. I’ll get my umbrella ready.