Monday 27 February

11.30 am Sandbach Services on The M6

Tiredness soon kicks in – its time for a coffee and a sugar rush. We are not the only ones feeling weary. The place soon fills up with other friends from The East Midlands – another chance to relive the events of the past three days. After a long rest we are on our way down the M6. Our normal lives await our arrival at home.

9.30 am Amazingly we are all up for breakfast

Some how we have all staggered out of bed, and are sitting round the table for breakfast. We are all surprisingly chirpy – there is still plenty to talk about from the night before. It’s cups of tea all round and there is a pile of freshly warmed croissants in the middle of the table. They are soon devoured, and then its time to load the cars. We hand the keys in at the main gate and the Sat Navs are set for home. We all agree its been a fantastic three days.

3.30 am The last empty bottle of Prosecco is put in the bin

Time for bed and hopefully some sleep. We have to give our keys in at 10.00. Something tells me we, and a lot of other people, are going to miss that deadline.

2.30 am The Dance Gang have left the building

At 2.30 am myself and my friends left a still very busy dance floor. The last track we danced to was one of the best of the weekend. Love on me by Swedish duo Galantis and Australian DJ Hook n Sling has been burning up the dance floor ever since it was released in September last year. A great track to end our Southport dance fest.

2.00 Late night funk with DJ Clive Gidney

I spent the last hour in the Pub area dancing to the music of DJ Clive Gidney. This was a wonderful set of late night funk and I’ll put a review on the blog next week. For all my interest in music I’m almost ashamed to say I didn’t know any of Clive’s music, but it was so good to dance to.

Here’s an example – a remix of Marvin Gaye’s Sexual healing. Amazingly this video has been viewed 65 million times, yet I’ve never heard it before. It just makes you realise how much great dance music there is out there.

1.30 An amazing performance from DJ Hayley Epps

Hayley was behind the decks for the 12.30 –  1.30 Shift. I’ll put a review of her set on the blog next week. Tonight I just want to record her amazing performance. Possibly the best performance I’ve experienced. If this sounds a little over the top, believe me I’m not exaggerating.

I should perhaps say that I’m not talking about her performance spinning the tracks. No, I’m talking about her amazing performance on the dance floor. At the end of her set, Hayley performed the most amazing piece of tag dancing I’ve ever seen. In fact I doubt if anyone has seen such a display before.

I should perhaps explain for those that don’t know just what tag dancing is. The lady dances with a partner in the usual way, but after a short while another male lead tags, or rather takes over the lead. The two men take it in turns to take the lead. The skill, and what makes it a spectacle, is the way the men make the change overs. Here’s a video from a previous Southport weekender showing just how amazing tagging can look.

Tonight Hayley was tagged by five different male leads and, if that wasn’t enough, two ladies joined in too. The leads only danced for a few seconds each – Hayley keep going through the whole track. What made it even more of a spectacle, was the speed with which the leads changed over and the complexity of the moves they executed. I only hope it was captured on film.

Hayley never put a step wrong, and rightly received a big round of applause from the dancers, who had been compelled to watch this outstanding display of craftsmanship on the dance floor. Great performance Hayley, and your music was pretty good too – but more of that next week.

Sunday 26 February

11.00 Chris Uren shows his pedigree

I’m a great fan of Chris Uren. Perhaps it’s his Soul Boy roots, but he just plays music I love. Play anything by Edwin Starr and you’re always going to impress me. Chris had showcased two of Starrs ’60s hits in the Motown session on Friday night, but tonight he gave us his 1978 dance floor smash Contact.

I had a fabulous dance to Contact, but I’m going to feature a track, from Chris’ playlist, that I’ve never heard on the modern jive dance floor before. Shame from Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King was a real disco favourite of mine back in 1978 – the same year as Contact. Tracks that we hold with so much affection seem to sound even better when we get a chance to dance to them – perhaps it’s the memories we associate with them.

10.30 Heavenly gathering of Hillbillies

It’s the photo shoot for the Ceroc Heaven Hillbilly fancy dress gathering. A scary assortment of dim looking bumkins was gathered together for a group photo. It seems that there are no dentists in Hillbilly country because a surprising number had teeth missing.

Tel Jenkins photos of the gathering and there subsequent snaking around the dance floor will be on the Ceroc Heaven Facebook page on Monday night. Thanks again to Tel for recording the Ceroc Heaven faithful at play over the weekend.

10.15 The Main Room is in full swing

Being Sunday, the dancing started at 8.00 pm, as people will probably leave at a more respectable time to get a proper sleep, before setting out on their journeys home tomorrow (somehow we have to be out of our chalets by 10.00 am. Some people have already left, but the main Thunderball Room was still packed. DJ Mark O’Reilly was on the decks and the place was as energised as Friday and Saturday Nights.

Mark finished his set with a monster track. Heaven from DJ Sammy is a 2001 techno reworking of the Brian Adams 1983 hit. I need to dance to this again – Mark please play it at a Ceroc Heaven freestyle.

8.30 pm Tonight it’s Beef Daube – fancy name for a very tasty casserole

Sitting down with friends for a freshly cooked meal has been one of the joys of this Southport. It’s a time to relive some of our dance memories and look forward to another night of dancing fun.

1.30 pm Thank God I saved some energy for the Funk Hour

Yesterday I danced almost non-stop in the Swingers Hour and nearly burnt myself out. Rather than stay for the Funk Hour I went back to the Chalet for a lie down. Today I was determined to conserve some energy for a session that has been one of my favourites in the past. Like yesterday Vince Silva was on the decks and he proved that he is indeed The Funk Master.

All three dance floors were packed and you just knew that everyone was Funk-Connected. Vince pulled out some classics from the seventies and eighties, but it was a little known remix of a James Brown track that completely funked me out. I had to ask Vince what his great find was – It’s too Funky in here. I can’t remember hearing anything lately that oozed so much Funk. This might not be the correct remix but it’s still James Brown at his funkiest

I’ll try to track down the correct version next week, when I write a full review of Vince’s Funktastic playlist. In the meantime I have to mention one wonderful track. Its wasn’t the funkiest, but for me it was the track I enjoyed the most. For many of us music accompanies us through the ups and downs of our lives. Over the years this particular track has been a good companion to me, and it must surely lift the spirit of any one who dances to it.

Van McCoy’s The Hustle was inspired by the dance craze of the same name. When you see John Travolta strutting his stuff in Saturday Night Fever he is doing The Hustle. Watch the video and The Hustle looks a lot like modern jive – that’s probably why it’s so easy to dance to. Vince finished his set with it and everybody had a smile on their face. Its little wonder that so many people burst out clapping when the song finally came to an end.

This was my best hour of dancing yet, and I doubt it will be bettered. Great set Vince. I was so pleased to join in the applause at the end. Please allow me the indulgence of listening to Van McCoy once more.

12.00 am Made it to The Swingers Lesson. So pleased I did

The aim of this lesson was to teach everybody some Rock ‘n’ Roll  in readiness for Swingers Hour. Quite a challenge really, because it took me three full lessons before I got the hang of it. But teacher Lyndsey Bennett and her demo Ben Davies did really well – by the end of the lesson they had one hundred and fifty people getting the basic idea, and some were really rocking.

I’ll write a more detailed posting about this lesson next week. For the moment I’ll just report that they achieved their aim, because I was able to Rock ‘n’ Roll in The Swingers Hour with ladies who’d never done it before.

10.45 am Sausages in the oven and the gang is still half asleep

Just 24 hours to go. Can we keep going? Tonight the dancing starts earlier in the Main Room at 8.00 pm. Hopefully that means we’ll finish earlier, but the music still goes on until 3.30 am! I’m a little more awake now – hopefully the sausages will give me some life in time for the Swingers lesson at 12.00

4.30 am Blogging done and Lemon Pie all gone

Off to bed. Now somehow I have to get up in time to make the ‘Suitability Swing’ Lesson at 12.00am. This is a lesson labelled as ‘Get ready for Swingers Hour’. I’m interested to see what moves they suggest to cope with the fast pace.

3.00 am Blogging with Lemon Chiffon Pie

We’re all back in the Chalet for the Midnight Feast (albeit three hours after midnight). We’ve got the left overs from the earlier supper and that means delicious portions of Lemon Chiffon Pie while I update the blog.

2.00 am Caroline spins a terrific triple

Caroline Houlton followed Tim and cranked up the music another notch. Just before 2.00 am she played an awesome triple. It all started with one of my disco favourites – The Trammps Disco Inferno. On its own it rocks the dance floor, but Caroline used it to kick start an awesome treble.

The track that followed it was my best track of the night.  Get up (Georgies House Radio extended) from Aly-Us is a thumping piece of dance music (unfortunately its not available to embed on YouTube, but I’ll follow this up next week).

The final track of the triple was Professional Widow from Tori Amos. I loved all three tracks and together they created over ten minutes of sheer dance music delight.

1.00 Tim Sant gets the floor rocking again

After the Cabaret it was up to Tim Sant to get the floor rocking again. It’s great to see Tim in action when he’s on the decks. He’s so enthusiastic and stands tall conducting the dancers on the dance floor. He had no problem upping the tempo and one of his tracks had me asking him ‘What was that track?’ The track was Freed from Desire by Gala. It may well have been a remix but until I can check that out here’s the original.

Saturday 25 February

12.00 It’s Wife Swapping Time

Well not quite. After the Cabaret is finished, it’s time for dance partner swapping. The dancing starts as normal, but on the instruction from the stage to ‘change partners’ – that’s what you do. So you get to dance with lots of new people – another Southport tradition that’s great fun.

One of the tracks used during ‘The Wife Swap’ was Safri Duo’s Played alive (The Bongo Song). Sadly I was off to write this post so I missed out on this great favourite of mine. I know lots of people love this track, so for them, and for me here it is.

11.00 Time for Cabaret

Bang on eleven o’clock the floor is cleared. Its Cabaret Time. It’s kicked off by a dance competition. It was open to everyone and I estimated that there were about 60 couples taking part. The final of the competition was followed by the Ceroc Teachers showcasing their skills. All very entertaining and inspirational. Makes you realise just how much you still have to learn.

I’ll post a more detailed review of the Cabaret, including a description of the Dance Competition Final on the blog next week. The Cabaret is one of the great traditions of Southport and the audience cheered all the acts with great warmth.

10.00 pm Back on the dance floor with Tina Turner

Back in the Main Room and it’s DJ Chris Uren’s job to get the floor rocking again. Chris launches in to an energy filed playlist including a ’90s reworking of Tina Turners Nutbush City Limits. The original was too fast put this version is just perfect for Modern Jive ands the floor loved it.

4.00 Heavenly Friends

Modern Jive is a partner dance. At your very first lesson you will dance with a lot of people of the opposite sex. Even the shyest and least confident person you will find themselves smiling at their dance partners. For those people who decide to go on a modern jive dance journey they can also look forward to making lots of new friends.

Southport is not just about dancing, it is also about meeting up with your friends. Friends from your local dance classes, friends you’ve met at freestyles and of course people you’ve met at previous Southport weekenders.

Ceroc Heaven, like many of the Ceroc Franchises, have built a very friendly group around them. There must be almost a hundred people here who attend their class nights and freestyles, and we all know each other. This afternoon they held one of the many chalet parties that go on at Southport. A few drinks and nibbles and a chance to catch up with friends. All like minded people, who have embraced this wonderful dance scene we know as Modern Jive.

At 8.00 pm my own group of friends, from three adjoining chalets are getting together for a freshly cooked meal. Three guys and four gals. A little wine and a lot of conversation. Then its off to the dance hall at about 10.00 pm for another great night of dancing – heavenly.

2.30 pm Let’s get funky. Sorry I need a lie down

After an hour of Rocking and a Rolling I’m absolutely shattered. Next its The Funk Hour, but though I’ve been looking forward to it, I need a rest. Vince Silva was on the decks and listening to his first two picks, this was going to be a Funktastic set (sorry Vince I have always wanted to use that word in a posting). Here’s a taster of what I had to miss. Get Ugly by Jason Derulo is a great piece of contempory funk – pity about being danced out.

1.30 pm Swingers Hour

The ladies are all wearing their floaty ’40s and ’50s style dresses and I’m in my full Teddy Boy gear. There are a lot of US Military around too. Its 1944 or perhaps 1956 and Chris Uren is set to get the place rockin’ to the roof tops. I’ll post a full review of Chris’ set next week but here’s a taster.

There are two types of Swing/Rock ‘n’ Roll tracks – fast and very fast. Fast you can modern jive to, but if the rhythm’s too fast modern jive can look clumsy, that’s when Swing or Rock ‘n’ Roll comes in to their own. Here are two tracks from Chris’ cracking playlist to help explain what I mean.

Rock a bye baby by Big Mama Thornton (what a fabulous name) is a wonderful fusion between Swing and rock ‘n’ roll. Its fast but you can still modern jive to it, but guys keep it simple – nothing too complicated. Lots of Man Spins, followed by Ceroc Spins. Travelling Return and Step Across – keep it that simple. Spot turns yes – Mambos no!

Now listen to the great Glenn Miller Band do Don’t sit under the apple tree. This song was recorded at the height of Swing Dance. Its very fast. For me its just too fast for Modern Jive, even when you’re doing the simple moves. I know some people cope by halving the beat. I find this very hard to do – I keep picking up the fast rhythm of the song.

The dance that was developed for this music was based on a ‘one two, step back’ pattern. Somehow this slows the rhythm down. Rock ‘n’ Roll has the same  foot pattern, and its so much easy to get your moves in. You still need a load of energy but its a lot easier.

I notice tomorrow there is a class entitled ‘Suitability Swing’ – Get ready for Swingers Hour. I suspect it will give people tips on how to dance to this fast style of music. The lesson is at 12.00am. I’ll make the effort to crawl out of bed an hour earlier than I did this morning – I feel it’s my duty. (It’s a hard life being a dance blogger!)

12.00 am SILC Class packs the dance floor


This packed dance floor just shows you the sheer numbers who attend Southport. I’ve heard estimates that there are 1,800 people here. Three hundred of them somehow got out of bed and made it to a SILC class at 12.00 am in the main room. Tim Sant who devised the SILC Syllabus was on the stage teaching an intermediate ass.

Lessons like these are going on all day and in to the evening. The lesson that followed this one was an ‘Awesome Foursomes’ class.  This is where two couple dance in unison swapping partners. Its hard enough dancing with one partner, but this just shows the way people have developed exciting new techniques to keep the Modern Jive scene vibrant and exciting.

This is where we are

The Southport Weekender is held at the Pontins Holiday Camp on the beach in Ainsdale near Southport. It was opened in 1969, and was part of Fred Pontins empire of thirty sites across the UK. Weekenders, of all varieties, take place throughout the year, and play an important role in keeping these holiday destinations open.

Aerial view 2

10.30 am Missed Breakfast – time for brunch

Just hope my friends in the other chalets have managed to fall out of bed. The plan is for brunch at 11.00. Something tells me it will be a lot later than that. Some of the girls want to do the SILC class at 12.00, so we need to get the sausages on soon.

Friday 24 February

3.20 am Back at the chalet and the sweet potato chips are in oven

By 3.00 am the dance floor was beginning to thin out, but the Blues and SILC Rooms were still busy. A great night of dancing for all the gang. Now there are two bottles of fizz on the table. Does life get any better? I’ll let you know if I manage to get up for breakfast.

1.30 am Debbie Atwood closes a thumping set with the bass full on

I’m guessing at 400 people on the dance floor and it feels like a club in the middle of London (not actually been in a club in London, so excuse my artistic licence). Debbie played a set full of variety but what made it feel so good was that the bass was really cranked up.

I’ll write a full review of Debbie’s set next week, but now I want to feature Baker Street by Undercover. This is one hell of a track. Now turn up the volume, and if you can crank the bass to double maximum. Then you might hear it like I did.

10.45 pm. The Main Room is Rocking to Mark O’Reilly

Just got in to the main room after the Motown set and its rocking. DJ Mark O’Reilly is playing Sylvester’s You make me feel mighty real. Great choice Mark

10.30 pm Round of Applause for Chris Uren

Apparently it’s taken three years to get a Motown slot at Southport and if the appreciation given to DJ Chris Uren is anything to go by it will become a permanent feature. Chris had no problem filling the ninety minutes with well loved tracks and there were still plenty left to fill another hour.

I’ll write a full review next week, but for the moment I’ve got to mention a few tracks that brought the first big smiles of the week. I don’t think that there’s a better Motown dance track than Edwin Starr’s SOS (Stop her on sight), and its just perfect to modern jive to. When the saxophone solo kicked in I was in Dance Heaven.

Many years ago Chris played a very rare Motown track. I loved it, but I’ve not heard it since. To my sheer joy he played it tonight. Please Chris do not keep me waiting that long to hear this wonderful track again. I don’t think Back by popular demand by The Supremes and Originals ever got a UK release. How Chris ever found it I don’t know, but that’s probably why he’s so highly regarded.

 Chris finished his set with perhaps the most loved of all the dance tracks to come out of the Motown Studios in Detroit. Do I love you (Indeed I do) by Frank Wilson is a legend of a track. The applause at the end, from a packed dance floor, was in appreciation of this remarkable piece of dance music, and for the previous ninety minutes of pure dance joy. Please lets do it again at every Escape Weekender.

 Serious Jockin’ (No g) on the M62


Decided to come up the M1 and then across the M62. Traffic flowed much better than last year on the M6. At 4.15 tuned in to Serious Jockin’ (no g) on the Steve Wright Show. Its always kick starts a dance night. I had sent an email earlier to give us all a shout out. ‘Hi Steve. Loving the top dance tunes. Driving to Southport for a dance weekender. There’ll be some serious Ceroc-in’ (no g)’.

Sadly we didn’t get a mention, but I still loved the music. Here’s one of the Top Tunes he played – Basement Jaxx’s Red Alert. I wonder if DJ Wrighty knew it was a bit of a modern jive classic?

Southport here we come

It’s Here. Its Friday. The music starts in a few hours time. Right now almost two thousand people are making their travel arrangements. Some will have taken a day off work, and will be already on the way. Some will be setting out soon. Others will have to wait until after work before setting out, but everyone is thinking about little else.

I’ve still got some packing to do, but hope to be off in a couple of hours. Oh and I have to go to the supermarket. I’m responsible for the food tonight. Sadly my signature teriyaki chicken stir fry didn’t make the weekend menu, but I’ve been asked to provide pies and pizza for the quick meal before we hit the dance floor. Hopefully we’ll all get a chance to digest the food before the dancing starts.

Thursday 23 February

Looking forward to lots of Swinging!

I’d better explain. 1.30 on Saturday and it’s Swingers Hour (though I note on the brochure it’s now modestly called Swing Freestyle). It’s an hour of Swing and Rock ‘n’ Roll. The music will be fabulous, but it’s the clothes everybody will be wearing that makes this one of Southport’s great traditions.

The ladies will be wearing their ’40s and ’50s inspired dresses – plenty of polka dots and swirly skirts. The guys make an effort too, and there’ll be plenty of WWII American military outfits. I’ll be there in my new Teddy Boy gear and there’ll be a few guys pretending to be James Dean.

Rock n Roll Ladies

This is an image from June 2016. It was a lovely day and everyone was dancing outside. Hopefully storm Doris will have passed and we’ll get some dry weather. You can’t beat dancing in the open air.

Then let’s all get funky

After the Swing Hour it’s time to get funky. The next session in the Boudoir was I’m sure called The Funk Hour. I note it’s now described in the official schedule as Funky & Chilled. Either way it’s a chance to dance to some ’70s and ’80s funk. The main creator of this style was probably James Brown, with his ground breaking track Get up a feel like a sex machine. It always makes me smile when I him say ‘Shall we take it to the bridge fellas? we take it to the bridge?’

I’ve chosen to feature a track I’ve only ever heard in the Funk Hour at Southport. It was played last year, and once I’d downloaded it I couldn’t get enough of it. Party is a groovy thing was the single Peoples Choice released before their mega hit Do it any way you wanna.

Wednesday 22 February

Big thanks to Amrit at The Carphone Warehouse

I’ll need to have access to the internet to blog throughout the weekend. I don’t think there’s WiFi available from the Chalets or the Main Entertainment Areas so I’m relying on tethering to my Smart Phone. Trouble is I’m on Vodaphone and in previous years the signal has been pretty rubbish. I understand that EE have much better coverage, so off I went to The Carphone Warehouse for some advise.

Amrit the store manager at The West Bridgford, Nottingham, Branch was extremely helpful. He sorted out an Internet Dongle that will slot in to my laptop and a 4GEE Wi-Fi Mini I can tether to my phone. It was all done on a pay as you go basis too. So now I’m all sorted. Thanks again Amrit.

9 Main Room DJs

There is twenty and a half hours of dancing in the main Thunderball Room across the weekend. A fantastic team of nine DJs has been lined up to spin the tracks over the three days. Each DJ typically gets an hour each, and this means that they’ll be no time for fillers – we are going to be treated to their very best picks.

DJ spot 2

Here’s Ceroc Heaven’s own DJ Mark O’Reilly having a great time last year. Mark has two sets in the Main Room this year. Can I request The Bongo Song please.

Main Room DJ Reviews

I’ve decided to limit myself to one Main Room DJ per night. While I hope to do some live streaming, I’ll write the full revues the following week. I’m really excited to have the chance to review the music of some of the best Ceroc DJs in the country.

Sack The DJ – Open Mic in The Blues Room

This is an opportunity for anyone to showcase their own Blues Music Catalogue, and experience what it’s like to be behind the decks with very knowledgeable dancers on the floor. While I’m no Blues dancer I hope to spend time reviewing one of the Sack The DJ sessions.

Monday 20 February

The Schedule is on-line now

The booklet which shows the full schedule is now available on-line. The action kicks off in The Blues Boudoir Lounge at 3pm Friday afternoon. At 9.30 DJ Caroline Houlton starts spinning the tracks in the main Thunderball Room, and the dancing here goes on through the night until 4.30 in the morning.  If you’ve still got some energy left, The Blues Lounge doesn’t stop until 7am!

Breaking News – 90 minutes of Motown Magic on Friday Night

I’ll take a closer look at the schedule in more detail in a later posting, but I have to break the news that Motown gets its first ever exclusive Southport slot on Friday night. DJ Chris Uren has been given the first session in The Cyclone Room to showcase the great dance classics from Motown. His set runs from 9pm until 10.30. Can’t wait!

Just wondered Chris, if I could request one of my all time Motown favourites – Marvin Gaye’s Little Darling (I need you)

To view the complete schedule click the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Sunday 19 February

Fancy Dress Fun

If it’s Southport, it’s time for The Ceroc Heaven Faithful to get into fancy dress. For next week the theme is ‘Hillbillies’. I thought it would be interesting to look through the Ceroc Heaven archives, and remember the fancy dress fun from last year.

Southport Blush February 2016

As its February and freezing cold – lets all go to the beach! For reasons better known to Ceroc Heaven HQ, the theme for last year’s Winter Weekender was ‘The Beach’.

Two Hula Girls spot a Penguin on the beach (well in the bar actually!).

Jo Janet & Penguin

Southport Scorch June 2016

The theme was ‘Minions’. This was an incredible standout idea, and the Ceroc Heaven Gang showed unbelievable creativity with their costumes.


Southport Splash September 2016

The theme was ‘White’. Here’s the Ceroc Heaven Gang doing The Conga through the main Thunderball Room on the Sunday night.

White theme Conga

Saturday 18 February

Wrist Bands still available

Still looking for a Wristband for next weekend. I’ve just been on the Ceroc Blush (Southport) Website, and there are wrist bands for both ladies and gents being advertised for sale on the Message Board. Select Search for people who are selling. Below is a screen shot showing part of the listing taken at 6 pm Saturday 18 Feb. It shows wrist bands and accommodation available for both Male and Female.

Message 4

Click the link to take you straight through to the message board.

Friday 17 February

7 Days and counting

Its been a busy week in Modern Jive Blog Land – three freestyles and three reviews to write, so I’ve had little time to think about Southport. Then suddenly I’m counting the sleeps – only 7. This week there’s a lot to get sorted. For a start I have to think of something to wear for the Ceroc Heaven Fancy Dress Night. This year the theme is Hillbillies (more of this in a later posting).

Then there’s the food preparation. My small group of friends traditionally get together, on Saturday and Sunday evenings, to have a sit down meal together in one of our chalets. I’m thinking of doing my signature Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry.

The launch of the Ceroc National 2017 Line Dance

Southport traditionally sees the launch of the new line dance sequence. This year Tim Sant has worked out a routine to one of 2016’s best dance tracks – Justin Timberlakes Can’t stop the feeling. The video shows the full routine and a very detailed walk through. As always Tim breaks down the routine in great detail. Hopefully the Ceroc Heaven dance classes this week will give us all a chance to learn it.

One of the highlights of Southport, is seeing over a hundred people doing the line dance  in perfect harmony. I’m usually in disharmony at the side of the dance floor trying to look vaguely co-ordinated!

Minions spotted doing 2016 Line Dance!

Minion in Line dance

Friday 10 February

Just two weeks to go

It’s just two weeks to go before the greatest Modern Jive Event on the planet. Those who’ve been before will know what a great fun packed weekend it’s going to be. Any first-timers will have been told by their friends what an amazing time they’ll have. They are not exaggerating. It is quite mind blowing.

I remember walking in to the Main Hall on my first night, and being almost overwhelmed by the sight of over three hundred people on the dance floor. Another two hundred more sat around the fringes.  I sensed a vibe of joy and expectation that nothing was going to stop every single person from having the best time ever.

Here’s your first Southport Fix

This promotional video is from the official Ceroc Escape Website. While it promotes all the Ceroc Escape Weekenders I think it was filmed exclusively at Southport. Watching the video, I wondered if any other group of like minded people could have so much fun.

Still time to book

That video says it all – certainly made my job a lot easier. I know from my dance friends that the anticipation is starting to grow. How many sleeps? If you’ve not got a ticket there’s still time to book. Ceroc try their best to gender balance their Escape Weekenders so any ladies will need to team up with some guys to get in.

My Southport Diary

I’ll be adding to this Diary as the event approaches, and I hope to live stream comments from the event itself (hopefully there will be Wi-Fi available). In the meantime there’s still a lot of regular dancing to look forward to starting with the Masquerade Ball at Kelham Hall