The Music Vaults are full of Great Dance Music

There is an infinite number of dance tracks sitting in the music vaults. I know that DJs spend hours seeking out new tracks to play for us, and in this blog I want to heap praise on those who resist playing the same old, same old (see link to article below). Like any dance music enthusiast I have my own favourites and, in this section, I’m daring to suggest a few in the hope that they might get played. My seventh choice is Josh Turner’s Why don’t we just dance.

More Country & Western Music please

The Country & Western music vaults are full of great modern jive dance tracks, but I don’t think we get to hear enough of them. All I ever ask of DJs is that they mix it up a little, and a little bit of Country & Western is a great way to add some interesting variety. I might also add that there are C & W fans out here on the dance floor and the floor never empties because a track from this genre is played.

The credit for this track goes to a regular reader of the blog

I’ve only ever danced to this track once and that was at a Jixe X freestyle at Spondon Village Hall near Derby. It was a real standout track on the night and I featured it in my subsequent review. I gave DJ Andrew Eldridge a lot of credit for finding the song, but I latter found out that the credit lay else where.

Anne, one of the regular contributors to the blog, had been to the previous JiveX freestyle and had requested it. Andrew explained that he didn’t have it, but promised to play it at his next event. Andrew has a pleasing policy of encouraging requests and duly played it next time round. This is when I got a chance to dance to it. Well done to both Anne for finding this track and to Andrew for playing it.

An unmistakeably Country & Western production

This track is unmistakeably Country Western with its steel guitar and fiddle accompaniment. It has a wonderful bouncy rhythm that is perfect for modern jive and Josh Turner’s joyous vocal delivery makes this an uplifting track to dance to. 

Is that Modern Jive in the video?

The video I’ve embedded from YouTube pays tribute to the history of modern dance styles. I’m sure the first dance style is meant to represent swing, but it looks like Modern Jive to me, and proof if it was needed why this track deserves to get more plays at freestyles.

Turner’s back catalogue is worth a look through

Josh Turner is an established star of the Country & Western circuit. He released his first album in 2003, and Why don’t we just dance is from his 2010 fourth album Haywire. In researching the background to Turner’s career, I’ve found myself listening to some of his other work, and I’m sure that there are other great dance tracks waiting to be discovered.

One of Turner’s most famous hits is Your man, from his 2005 second album of the same name. This would make a great SILC track. One of the things I love about reviewing music, is that occasionally, it takes me on an exciting journey of discovery through the music vaults. This one track did just that and I hope modern jive DJs will give Turner’s back catalogue a good look through.


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