We can all disco dance. It might not look good but it feels great. No need to count out any steps, no need to really think about what your feet are doing. Just connect with the beat, move your body any way you choose and don’t worry what it looks like. But if you’re a fan of Strictly Come Dancing, and it seems half the nation is, you might be inspired to do something a little more stylish. If watching Danny do a Quick Step or Daisy doing a Charleston has galvanised you to seek out some dance lessons, let me tell you about the virtues of Modern Jive, because its a lot easier than Ballroom.

An Advocate for Ceroc Dance Classes

The biggest name in Modern Jive teaching is the Ceroc Organisation, who offer lessons across the whole of the UK. Watch their official video and you’ll get an idea of just how much fun this from of partner dancing can be. While I have no official connection with Ceroc I am an enthusiastic advocate of their network of classes and teaching methods.

People often ask what Ceroc or Modern Jive is. The video gives you a flavour of the dance style and I’ll do my best to fill in some of the gaps. It’s obviously a partner dance but you don’t need a partner to go. The classes are organised in a way that you will learn your the moves with a variety of partners, who will be beginners like yourself or more experienced dancers – happy to help.

It’s so easy to get started

Modern Jive is best described as a fusion of many styles, notably Ballroom Jive, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Salsa, but made a lot easier. So easy in fact, that by the time you’ve completed your first class you should be dancing the three moves quite fluently.

It opens up a whole new world

A lot of people sign up for Modern Jive lessons and some soon realise that partner dancing is not for them, but those who stick at it, they find it opens up a whole new world. Once you’ve learned a few moves you’ll be off to Friday Night Freestyles and it won’t be long before you’re at a Weekender dancing until 3 in the morning. There are Modern Jive Holidays and Cruises. You’ll hopefully get the bug and you won’t be able to wait until your weekly lesson comes around.

You’ll be dancing to great music

Its not just about dancing – its about dance music too. You will find yourself dancing to a wide range of musical styles including the latest chart topping sounds. I love telling my kids that their dad is up until midnight dancing to Sigala and Calvin Harris. Many of the articles in this blog feature the great variety of music we dance to and you can listen to it too. Here’s one of my all time modern jive favourites.

You’ll have the best fun ever

This Blog was set up to showcase the fun you can have on the Modern Jive scene and to enthuse about the music we all dance to. Modern Jive is so easy to grasp. It doesn’t require you to follow a strict beat like Ballroom Dancing so it’s much easier to pick up. You can dance at your own level and it won’t be long until there’s a broad smile on your face. I promise you’ll have the best fun ever.

For more information www.ceroc.com