Great nights deserve to be remembered

For those of us lucky enough to dance every weekend, there will be a lot of memorable nights. We remember them for all different kinds of reasons – the atmosphere, the music, the people we danced with, or simply that we enjoyed the company of our friends. A memorable night for some might not be memorable for others – we are all individuals, with our own idea of what makes a great night out.

When we do have a memorable night, its nice to have something to remember it by, and you can’t beat a photograph. In an age of selfies, it’s easy for anyone to capture the moments we want to remember, but its even better to have someone else taking the photos. In this post I want to focus on the photographic work of Tel Jenkins, the official photographer for Ceroc Heaven – now anyone for cake!


A Note on Privacy

It is the stated policy of this blog that no one is named in any postings unless they are a paid employee of a dance organisation. None of the photographs used in this post identify the people featured. I also understand that some people are not comfortable that their pictures appear on social media sites. This blog is read throughout the UK, and I understand that people might not want their pictures to be so widely seen. If anyone wants a close-up photograph removed please leave a comment. The comment will not be published and the photograph will be removed immediately.

The Kelham Hall Masquerade Ball

Tel’s album from last Friday’s Masquerade Ball, at Kelham Hall, is a great example of his ability to capture the atmosphere and sheer fun everybody was having. Not only is Tel’s portrait of the freestyle a promotional coup for Ceroc Heaven, it’s also a great advert for Modern Jive itself. Is anyone else having more fun on a Friday night?


We all love Tel’s photographs

You don’t have to be an art critic to enjoy Tel’s photos. Nor do you need to know anything about the technicalities of photography, to appreciate that the person behind the camera has an eye for capturing magical and memorable moments. We all wait eagerly for the photos to be posted on the Ceroc Heaven Facebook page, and so good are the pictures, that many of us now use his images as our profile picture across the whole spectrum of social media. My own black and white dance shoe motif was created by Tel. I have no doubt that many of the images from The Masquerade Ball will already be adorning the Facebook pages of The Ceroc Heaven faithful.

Group 1

The Colour and Clarity is exceptional

Looking at the colours in the photograph above, it’s easy to forget that Tel is taking his pictures in subdued lighting. Looking at the image below, everyone in that picture is dancing at speed, yet we could all pick ourselves out – such is the clarity.

Packed Dance Floor

Capturing the movement of our dancing

Dancing isn’t static – it’s full of movement. Somehow Tel manages to capture the energy and excitement of our dancing. I’ve picked out two images where the movement of his subject is shown to the full.

Dress 1

The above image is perfectly composed. I suspect Tel took multiple exposures of the lady’s beautiful dress, until he captured this image of perfect symmetry. This photograph also illustrates how Tel uses colour filters to great effect. The lack of distracting colours allows the eye to easily focus on the swirling dress.

Movement 1

This next picture is perfectly composed too. Tel uses a red filter to make the central couple stand out, but it’s the way that the eye sees the movement of the other dancers, that makes this picture stand out for me.

Capturing the connection

When we dance we have opportunities to connect with both our partner and the music. This photo shows perfectly the joy of partner dancing. In an instance, Tel captures a moment of total connection.

Movement 2

A memory for all of us

As people arrived they were given the opportunity to have their picture taken by Tel, framed in a heart. The photos are as professional as any I’ve seen taken at a social occasion. It is a credit to Ceroc Heaven that they provide this wonderful service without charge. These pictures capture the sense that everyone was up for a great night out. I doubt they were disappointed, as the smiles stayed on peoples faces all night long.

Heart Shape 3 Heaert Shape 2

A fun filled evening

Looking through the full set of photos on the Ceroc Heaven Facebook page, I couldn’t help think that people were having more fun than they should have been. Tel as always captured so many of these special moments that made the evening such a success.

JOyful & Smiles

Who is that guy behind the two smiling ladies? He’s definitely having too much fun!

Great Pose 1

Is Ballroom dancing this much fun?

Tel has fun too

As well as capturing the fun we all have on the dance floor, Tel seems to have fun too. The day after any freestyle Tel is busy editing the hundreds of photos he takes. He not only picks out a selection of his best shots, but he also seems to have fun playing with the many effects that modern digital photography offers him.

I love this image. It’s beautifully balanced, but by laying colour effects onto the image, Tel has created a real work of art. As I said at the start of this post I’m no art critic, but I can appreciate that the picture below must have taken some real skill to put together.

Colour effects

Thanks Tel for giving up your dancing time

We shouldn’t forget that Tel is a dancer like the rest of us, but at every freestyle he gives up a lot of his dancing time. So I’d like to extend a big thank you, on behalf of us all, to Tel, for giving his time to capture the enjoyment we all have at Ceroc Heaven Freestyles.

I’d like to extend a personal thanks for one more image from last Friday’s freestyle.

I love Rock ‘n’ Roll music, and I particularly love it when you can modern jive to it. Last week I went out and indulged myself in the purchase of a complete Teddy Boy wardrobe, which I’m particularly looking forward to wearing for The Rock ‘n’ Roll Hour, at the upcoming Southport Weekender. The outfit had its first outing on Friday night and here’s the image Tel created for me – red socks and all.

Rock 'n' Roll Outfit

Special Effects for Special Moments

There will always be a Sue O’Reilly Moment at Ceroc Heaven freestyles. Remember the heart shaped inflatables that Tel used to frame everyone’s photos. Sue decided to use one as a rubber ring, and Tel did the rest with his box of tricks.

Something Silly 3

Modern Jive allows all of us to have more fun than we might be entitled to. Isn’t it great that we have someone like Tel Jenkins to capture the all this fun on camera.

To see the full album of 151 of Tel’s photos click on the link