It’s not just about dancing

For many of us who have embraced the world of modern jive, it’s not just about the dancing. It’s as much about the friends we make and the fun we have on and around the dance floor. Of all the social activities I have participated in over the years modern jive dancing is the most friendly, and everyone seems to be having more fun than perhaps they ought to. If there was one thing that stood out about Ceroc Heaven’s Summer Prom it was the fun everyone was having – they were having a ball (sorry I couldn’t resist using that pun).

As ever Terry Jenkin’s was on hand to record the fun on and off the dance floor. Ceroc Heaven are very lucky to have Tel, and as ever we were all checking our smart phones to see if and when his photograph album had been posted to Facebook. For this second review of Saturday night I thought I’d pick out some of my favourite images and mix them in to a review of the Main Room proceedings.

Before I comment on any of the photographs I should remind readers that, it is a strict policy of my blog never to mentions any of the names of people I dance with or meet when out dancing. Because this was a local event I do know most of the people featured in Tel’s photos, but I hope you will understand that I have to be quite vague about who they are.

Smiling faces everywhere

Dancing is a joyous thing and everywhere I go I see smiling faces on the dance floor. As you go through Tel’s photo album it’s difficult to find a picture of people dancing without seeing someone with the broadest smile across their face. This picture from the Main Room shows the joy on everyone’s faces.

DJ Ashley kicks off the action in the Main Room

With Mark DJing the opening Motown and Soul slot in the school hall, it was left to DJ Ashley Davis to get the ball rolling in the larger school sports hall, which was acting as the Main Room. Sadly due to the fact I was over indulging myself with a mega fix of Motown and Soul classics in the Second Room I wasn’t able to review Ash’s set, but Tel’s photos show that he soon had the dance floor rockin’.

DJ Mark keeps the groove going

At ten o’clock the Second Room seamlessly morphed from a ’70s Disco to a chill out SILC Zone with Ashley on the decks. Mark was now in charge in the Main Room. Knowing that we had all had our fix of Motown and Soul, and that Ash would be catering for those who wanted to dance to some slower and smoother vibes, Mark was free to concentrate on a set of contemporary main room sounds that kept the dance groove going.

In amongst the mix were some great standout tracks

Mark’s set centred around chart and club hits from the last ten years – tracks like Elle King’s Ex’s & Ohs, Jonas Blue’s Perfect strangers and Doin’ dirt by Maroon 5. In amongst the tracks that we are all familiar with were some standout ones worthy of a mention. For all I review DJs music, I’m amazed that I still find myself dancing to great tracks that I’m not familiar enough with to know their title.

One such track really stood out for me, but what was it? Mark was happy to oblidge. ‘Don’t You Worry Child by Beth – the Charming Horses Remix.’ This is a great piece of contemporary dance music that I should have known. Like many modern tracks it builds up to a very catchy instrumental break in carefully crafted stages.  

Pictures tell their own story

They say that one picture can create a better idea in your mind than a thousand words and its certainly true of Tel’s photos. Now let me ask this question. What does a guy have to do to get his picture taken with six gorgeous ladies? Answers on a post card please! I love this photo, as it shows the shared sense of fun that special dance nights, like The Summer Prom, are known for.

Meanwhile back on the dance floor

DJ Mark was providing some wonderful dance music for those out on the floor. Again there were some tracks I found myself struggling to identify without the help of The Shazam App on my phone. Jonas Blue’s By your side and Aston Merrygold’s Get stupid were two I really liked that Shazam had to help me out with.

This next track has apparently been around for six months, but I’m ashamed to say I can’t remember dancing to it – somewhat surprising because it’s fab. Its a duet between two country singers – New Zealand born Keith Urban (husband of Nicole Kidman) and Carrie Underwood from America. The result is a wonderful piece of dance music with a very catchy lyric. I’m sure its going to get a lot more plays – hopefully I won’t need Shazam’s help to recognise it next time round.

My favourite image of the night

Tel now has some competition – the selfie stick! I loved the way Tel captured the concentration on the subjects faces, as the stick is manoeuvred to get everyone in. The aforementioned selfie stick was very busy (indeed I found myself being carolled in to a group hug-in for it), and the next morning the pictures were all over Facebook, being tagged, commented on and shared, resulting in the images of this fabulous night going viral.

Great to see some new faces

It’s important that there is a steady stream of new people who make the leap from class nights to freestyles, so that we can sustain the viability of wonderful nights like these. I was particularly pleased to see several new faces from the classes at West Bridgford and here at the Friesland school. I well remember the stress that I felt at my first freestyles, when I found myself in a room full of people, of whom I knew very few. I hope they found it easy to join in the fun and that we see them on a regular basis.

My new feature – the Caption Competition

As soon as I saw the picture below from Saturday night, I immediately thought it would make a great Caption Competition. Here’s how it works. Look at the picture below of DJs Ash (the one with the mic), and Mark (the one looking surprised.). You’ll see that I’ve suggested what each might be saying or thinking. Now it’s your turn, and there’s a chance to win two tickets to a Ceroc Heaven’s freestyles (see the end of the review for more details and how to enter). Mark and Sue have agreed to judge the entries, and I’ll be featuring the winner and the best of the rest in a special feature before Southport.

It’s Mark’s Birthday and time for a Snowball

I should perhaps let you know what was really going on. Sunday was Mark’s birthday so the Ceroc Heaven Crew surprised him with a cake, as the clock passed midnight. We all got to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ as Mark blew his candles out. A nice thought for a much loved member of The Ceroc Heaven Top Team. After the candle blowing out Kali introduced a ‘Snowball’.

Now this is an established tradition when ever one of the Ceroc Heaven faithful has a birthday. The idea is that Mark works his way round the room and hopefully dances with every lady. Once the ladies have finished their dance with Mark, they invite another man on to the floor until everyone is dancing. The picture shows Mark with his second partner and everyone else waiting to join in.

Mark did very well and I think he managed to dance with just about all the ladies. For his heroics on the dance floor Mark gets this month’s Blue Peter Badge. The Snowballs, like The Soul Trains I’ve described in previous reviews, are great fun and have helped develop the friendly fun filled atmosphere of Ceroc Heaven events.

Mark plays a Tapton Hall favourite

Because I was back and forth between the two rooms I wasn’t able to fully review all Mark’s music, but on my last visit to the room around half past one, Mark played one of his exclusive floor fillers that I now adore. It’s love (Trippin’) by Goldtrix featuring Andrea Brown came to my attention at the first ever Tapton Hall freestyle back in May. I just love the way the bass is faded out and then kicks in with the THUMP factor turned up to the max. Having had another great dance to this full-on track it was time for home.

I’ll leave you with another great image

Before I finish though, I want to leave you with one last image from Tel’s photo record of this fun filled night. To get from the school sports hall to the second room in the school hall you had to pass along an outside covered walkway. In the open area adjacent to this walkway were three table tennis tables. The Ceroc Heaven Crew had obtained the bats and ping pong balls just in case anyone wanted to play.

Now sadly it rained a lot on Saturday night and the area became somewhat flooded. However this did not deter two hardy ladies from challenging each other to a game. Tel informs me that it was still actually raining when he took this shot (you can see the raindrops on the camera lens). This will remain as my funniest memory of this wonderful night.

How to enter the Caption Competition

Simply email your entries to me at in the following format

Ashley says – Your caption

Mark thinks – Your caption

The closing date is Friday 25 August. Only one entry is allowed per email address. The prize is two tickets for any Ceroc Heaven Freestyle up to Christmas 2017. The entries will be judged by Mark and Sue O’Reilly and the winner will be announced on the blog with a special posting on Thursday 31 August.

I’ll now start working on my third review of the Summer Prom, when I take a closer look at Ashley’s second room SILC and Blues set. I hope to include a video of myself doing some SILC moves to one of Ashley’s chill out tracks. I should warn you not to expect anything special but it marks my progress after attending Ash’s SILC in 6 set of lessons

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