Southport Weekender: Motown & Northern Soul Hour (Feb 2022)

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It's Tony's turn to Keep the Faith As soon as the programme for the Ceroc Southport Weekender comes out, I look for one thing - the Motown & Northern Soul Hour.  Once I see that this Speciality Hour is there in the programme my excitement starts to build as this is, without doubt, my favourite [...]

Guest DJ Motown and Soul Playlist

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DJ Russell Gibbs sends me back in time At the recent Southport Weekender, I was blown away by a Saturday afternoon hour-long Motown and Northern Soul set served up by DJ Russell Gibbs.  When I got home the memory of the wonderful vibe that Russell created prompted me to revisit an article I first published [...]

Ceroc Surrey, Mytchett: Soul Night

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Fancy a dance class in Surrey Paul? Now that's a long way from Nottingham just for a class, so let me explain.  Because my daughters and Best Mate Neil live that way, I actually do a lot of dancing in Surrey.  Through my many visits to Ceroc Surrey's Byfleet venue I've actually got to know DJ [...]

Ceroc Surrey: Soul Night, Potters International Hotel, Aldershot

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I'm always looking out for Soul nights I'm a great lover of Motown and Soul music from the late '60s, and have unashamedly used my blog to promote it.  My radar is constantly scanning Facebook for Soul Nights, and as a result I've had some great nights reliving the dance halls of my youth. The first, [...]

Ceroc Southport Weekender – Tim Sant’s Motown & Soul set

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There is a lot of love for Motown out there It's amazing really just how much love there is for Motown out on the Ceroc dance floor, especially when you realise most of the people packing Ceroc freestyles across the country weren't even born, when the likes of The Four Tops, Stevie Wonder, Edwin Starr and [...]

Ceroc Heaven: New Year’s Eve, Motown & Soul Fix

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Another Great New Year's Eve Party Night New Year's Eve saw another great party night with Ceroc Heaven at The Freisland School, Sandiacre on the outskirts of Nottingham.  Just as before this was a great night of dancing and celebrations, but as I've reviewed the New Years Eve Party before, I thought I'd do things a [...]

Jive+ Motown MegaMix: The Oxford Academy

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Three apologies but first a thanks I'll deal with the apologies a little later, but first a big thanks to Emma for putting me on to this wonderful evening of Motown music. Emma, who is a regular at Jive+ events, writes the wonderful blog What about dance. Emma knows I'm a bit of a Motown [...]

Ceroc Heaven Summer Prom: Part 1 Motown & Soul

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Ceroc Heaven's big night doesn't disappoint Ceroc Heaven's Summer Prom, held at The Friesland School in Sandiacre just outside Nottingham, was a real first. It was the first Ceroc Heaven two room event I could remember that went on until two in the morning, but it had also had an innovative programme that was a [...]

Southport Weekender – Motown & Northern Soul

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Another first for Southport Back in February, Southport had its first ever Motown Freestyle session. It kicked off the proceedings in the Cyclone Room at 9:00 on the Friday night and was one of my Southport highlights. Chris Uren was on the decks that night, and at the end he was at pains to ask [...]