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LeRoc Scotland: Hogmanay Party in Photos and Music (Dec 18)

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How about Scotland for New Year Paul? At the beginning of December I still hadn't decided where I would go on New Year's Eve.  I had a few options close to my East Midlands base, but I couldn't help thinking that this would be a good time to go further afield.  While I was pondering [...]

Ceroc Braunstone Civic Centre, Leicester (Dec 18)

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Let's not take this dance scene for granted On the Wednesday before Christmas, I made a visit to the Ceroc class night at The Civic Centre at Braunstone in Leicester.  It was very busy, and what's more everyone was in festive spirits, and the resulting night was a great example of how Ceroc dancers know [...]

Ceroc Scotland: The Prohibition Ball in Pictures and Music

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The boys are on the train to Scotland Going to Scotland to dance is a bit of a trek, so I try to make sure I'm going to an event that's a bit special.  Last year I'd had a wonderful time at the first ever Ceroc Perth Fresh Weekender run by Nicola di Folco.  I [...]

Ceroc Rolls Royce Derby: The Spirit of Christmas in 10 Pics and 2 Tracks

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I revisit an important place of my dance journey Christmas is a wonderful time to be part of the Modern Jive community, as dance classes across the country put on festive themed nights.  I was lucky enough to be able to go to the Ceroc Red Carpet Class night at Rolls Royce Derby.  This Monday [...]