I wait two years for this fab dance holiday

Back in November 2019, I received a message on Facebook asking me if I would like to go on a dance holiday the following May to Majorca.  It seems that several ladies were eager to go but needed someone to gender balance with.  As a single guy, it’s something I’ve gotten used to but I was pleased to have been asked otherwise I would have missed out on what was a fabulous week of sun, sangria and dancing with Revolution Dance and Euphoria Holidays.

As I had slowly extended the range of my dance travels to review different venues and events for my blog, promoted by the request to go to Majorca, I had marked 2020 as the year when I would review several Mediterranean dance holidays.  Sadly, as Covid closed down dancing and foreign travel, I was forced to wait two years before I could combine seven days of dancing with a Mediterranean holiday.  As we shall see, it was well worth the wait.

A 4 Star Hotel on Alcudia beach

The holiday was based in the 4-Star Iberostar Albufera Park hotel.  Situated at the end of Muro beach two miles from Port d’Alcúdia in the North-East of the island.  Completely renovated in 2007, this is a beautiful hotel with every facility for a relaxed sun holiday including 4 large swimming pools plus an indoor heated one and no shortage of sun beds.  The hotel has 250 twin/double rooms of which Euphoria Holidays took about a quarter.  With about 150 dancers and crew in our group, you were always bumping into people you knew.

Meals were taken in one of the hotel’s buffet-style dining rooms.  Many of the dancers sat together but some, like I and my travel companion Marion, chose to see if there was a free table in the outside seating area.  You can’t beat alfresco dining when it’s so sunny and warm outside.  I have to say that the choice of food was exceptional and the idea that I might lose some weight with plenty of calorie-burning dancing was sadly offset by the quantity of the delicious cuisine on offer.

The Iberostar Albufera Park is right on the seafront

My thanks to everyone who told me what they loved

I had the most wonderful time on this dance holiday, but as with all my reviews, I try to paint a picture that all the people on the holiday will recognise.  For this reason, I found myself chatting with people and asking them what they loved about it.  I also kept an eye on the comments that were posted on Facebook and the photos posted on the Revolution Dance’s own Facebook page.  All these comments and pictures told their own story of this wonderful holiday.  My thanks to official photographer Jeanette Burdie for permitting me to use her photos and to everyone who chatted with me.

1: We ❤️ a holiday in the sun

While I was drawn to this holiday because of the dancing, looking back I can see it was more about enjoying a Mediterranean-style sun holiday with a lot of dancing thrown in.  As we’ll see there was a full schedule of classes and dance time but it never interfered with a chance to do those things you love about holidays in the sun.  For many people, that meant lying on a sunbed by the pool, reading a book or just relaxing with friends over a long cool drink.

I’m not one for lying in the sun and you’ll find me in the shade somewhere but many people told me how much they loved topping up their tans.  With the beach so close many people chose to relax there and even take a dip in the sea.  While we had a couple of cloudy days the weather on either side was perfect to enjoy everything the beach and sea had to offer.  I even took off my shoes and had a paddle myself.

The beach in front of the hotel.  Photo courtesy of Jeanette Burdie

2: We ❤️ meeting new friends

On my first night of dancing, I took a stroll around the dance floor to see how many of the people I knew.  I have made so many dance friends on my travels around the country writing reviews for my blog, so I was surprised that I knew only a handful of people and recognised perhaps only another half a dozen.  I mention this for a reason.  You see, the people on this holiday were so friendly that by the end of the seven days I had made so many new dance friends.  So it seemed had other people.  Here’s Margaret from Wolverhampton:

This dance holiday was absolutely fabulous from start to finish.  I didn’t know many people there but everyone was so friendly and I made so many new friends.

I have always found the Modern Jive dance scene to be extremely friendly.  The idea that we dance with everyone encourages social interaction and so it was on this holiday and not only on the dance floor.  Sitting around the bar you found yourself meeting new people.  You’d be sat with three other people then someone else would join you.  Then their friends would pull up a chair and pretty soon there’d be ten of you sitting around drinking, chatting and eventually laughing.

One afternoon after lunch, I found myself in a group of fourteen friendly people in the outside seating area of the dining room.  It had all started with just two sets of two people bringing their tables together for a chat over a glass of wine.  With the hotel being all-inclusive a lot more drink was consumed as we laughed about the silliest of topics.  It’s meeting new friends in this way that made this holiday for many of us.  If you can’t see me it’s because I took this photo knowing I would have to use it in my review.

Cheers, from my new dance friends

3: We ❤️ Keith and Janey

There is a lot of love for the people who run our wonderful dance scene.  It takes a lot to put on successful class nights and freestyles let alone a sell-out dance holiday and I think we all appreciated the efforts that went on behind the scenes to deliver this 7-day dance meet-up in the sun.  Revolution Dance and the offshoot Euphoria Holidays are run by Keith and Janey Davies and they have built themselves a loyal following over nearly thirty years through teaching at their class nights in Stockport Town Hall, mega freestyles at Stockport (see pic in item 4) and Northwich (see pic below) and their sell-out weekenders in York and Doncaster.

I’d long heard about the freestyles at Stockport Town Hall and I managed to get there for the New Year’s Eve party in 2019 and enjoyed a fabulous evening with a sell-out crowd.  I’ve also heard a lot about the Earl of Doncaster Weekender and after seeing the effort that Keith and Janey put into this holiday have decided it’s a must-do for next year.

Keith and Janey are also loved for the fact that they were instrumental in putting on the first-ever Modern Jive World Championships at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool.  There is quite a story about how the World Champs came about and after hearing about it directly from Keith, I’ve written an additional section at the end of this review giving some interesting background to what is a major event in the Modern Jive calendar.

A packed dance floor at Northwich

I ❤️ Jimmy too

As I mentioned above I made many new friends amongst the dancers on this holiday.  There’s one I have to mention – Jimmy AKA James Cretney.  When I originally booked this holiday at the end of 2019, I got one of the last places but the only room left was one sharing with a stranger.  That stranger was Jimmy and I have to say he was one of the people who made my holiday.

Sharing with a stranger can be a little stressful sometimes but Jimmy ensured we rubbed along perfectly.  Each night, before we put out the lights, we chatted about our dance adventures back home and the fun we were having on the dance floor in Alcudia.  It seemed our lives had taken similar paths and it was so good to share some of the highs and lows of our dancing times.

I want to say one other thing about Jimmy and it’s a reminder of how our wonderful dance scene only functions because people volunteer their services as Crew members and general helpers.  Jimmy told me how he’d crewed for Keith for many years helping out with the beginners.

I’ve written many times that our dance scene is only sustainable if we keep new people and the crew members and Taxi Dancers play a crucial role in this.  Jimmy has helped countless people get through those first nervous class nights and it’s for this reason I wanted to give him a plug.  Oh, and because I loved our late-night chats before the lights went out.

My smiling Room Buddy, Jimmy.  Photo courtesy of Jeanette Burdie

4: We ❤️ the DJ Team

A great night’s dancing needs a great mix of music and Keith ensured this by having four DJs sharing the DJing duties with him.  Each night two different DJs would share the stage and this ensured a music mix that gave everyone lots of their favourite tracks.  I have to say that the music mix was very different to what I’m used to but as we will see I found this very refreshing and it provided the music for plenty of fabulous dances every night.

The DJs were Phil and Wendy Greenall, who regularly feature at the Stockport and Northwich freestyles, Linz Bee, who runs Boogaloo in Edinburgh, and is the person behind the much-loved weekender Party a The Palace in Pitlochry and Russell Gibbs.  Russell also does gigs for Keith back home and often features in the second chill-out rooms where he is known for playing music suited to West Coast Swing.  As we’ll see West Coast Swing featured quite strongly on this holiday.

Phil and Wendy DJing at Stockport Town Hall

5: We ❤️ the music mix

As someone who dances mainly at Ceroc events, I’m used to dancing to a playlist of mainly contemporary songs, Ceroc classics and just a few tracks from the dance music vaults.  It’s a music mix I love and because there are so many contemporary tracks the music is never too samey.   When I’m reviewing DJ sets I’m looking more than anything for tracks with a beat I and my partner can easily connect with.  I’m also looking for new-to-me tracks that I instantly connect with.  Connection to the beat is everything to me.

The music on this holiday was not as contemporary as those Ceroc playlists but it had so much music that was refreshingly new to me or I just hadn’t heard for a long time.  More importantly, the majority of this new music had a beat that I could instantly connect with, thus the great number of fabulous dances.

I’ll be writing more about the music in a later post

Before I go any further I should say that there were contemporary tracks and plenty of everyone’s favourites.  So varied was the music mix that I’ll be putting together an additional article based on tracks that I think captured the wonderful spirit of this holiday.  As I always have a backlog of things to write about give me about four weeks to put it together.  In the meantime, I want to feature two tracks that stood out for me.

The first gave me one of the best dances of the holiday.  It had an energy that I easily connected with and the reason why it was one of my best dances was because my partner shared my enthusiasm to do this fabulous track justice.  So good was the dance that as it finished I was compelled to go onto the stage and thank DJs Phil and Wendy for playing this exciting piece of dance music.  I love giving feedback to DJs.  It’s a hard gig sometimes trying to please all the people all the time.

My baby just cares for me by Nina Simone has long been a favourite of Modern Jive DJs but Phil and Wendy have found a more recent version by Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra with Florence Welch on vocals.  The orchestra gives the instrumentation a much fuller sound and that’s where the energy of the track comes from.  Not only did I and my partner instantly connect with the driving beat a smile soon broke out on our faces.  Something tells me this version is going to get picked up by DJs across the land.

Linz lights my fire with a remix from the past

I was on the stage again to thank Linz for providing the music for another fabulous dance.  In amongst all the fabulous new-to-me music was a wonderful track I realised I’d not heard for some time.  It’s a remix of Christopher Cross’s Ride Like The Wind by Joey Negro.  Unlike many contemporary remixes, Joey sticks with the original tapes and stays away from adding additional layers.  By simply remixing the levels he brings the energy of the song to the fore and creates a magnificent dance version.

Just so Russell doesn’t think I didn’t love his music, I’ll be featuring two of his own tracks later when I talk about the great fun we had dancing outside.  In the meantime can I thank the ladies for all the fabulous dances over the seven days.  I wish I could remember who I danced with to these two great tracks because you were awesome.

6: We ❤️ the choice of classes

As you’d expect there was a good complement of classes but not too many to interfere with poolside relaxation.  There was one class each morning and afternoon and the list included a wide range of subjects with one session that I was surprised to see on the menu and a pop-up class that proved very popular.  More of those later but first let me take a look at the main programme.

There were lessons for Modern Jive, West Coast Swing and Tango.  In addition to their DJing duties, Phil and Wendy offered Modern Jive classes as well as a line dance routine.  It seems that line dancing is ever more popular and as we’ll see Russell ensured we had even more fun with another line dance routine.

It might be sunny outside but people enjoy Phil and Wendy’s Modern Jive class.  Photo courtesy of Jeanette Burdie

A chance to learn West Coast Swing

As well as DJing, Linz Bee was very involved in the class timetable.  She ran, what I thought was the most fun class of the week, the one where she taught us the Grease routine that we would showcase before all the hotel guests.  More of that later, as first I want to mention her West Coast Swing classes.

About four months ago, I started yet again to get to grips with West Coast Swing (WCS) and have attended quite a few workshops.  For me to keep making progress I know I need to keep practicing, so I was so pleased to see Linz’s lessons on the programme.  Linz’s WCS basics class attracted a lot of people including quite a few who had not done it before.  Here’s Marion, a first-timer, with her take on the class:

This was my first time ever doing West Coast Swing.  I did find it a little difficult but I enjoyed it enough to look for workshops when I got home.

West Coast isn’t easy but by the end of the lesson, most of the first-timers had the basic idea of the West Coast style and step pattern.  I should here give a mention to Linz’s demo Graham Poulton, who showed a real grasp of WCS as he led Linz smoothly through the patterns.  Another lady in the class was Sharon.  I know Sharon from Modern Jive freestyles in the Derby area and have also seen her on some of my West Coast workshops.  Sharon went to both of Linz’s classes.  Here’s what she had to say:

I really enjoyed both the West Coast Swing classes but what I really loved was that the DJs in the evening provided music for us to practice the moves we’d been shown in the lessons.

Sadly, I was out on a walk along the beach and missed Linz’s second class but Sharon videoed it and we met up for a practice in the main dance hall the following day.  Phil and Wendy were just finishing off a private lesson and when they saw what we were doing, kindly played a couple of tracks through the speaker system suited to WCS for us to practice to.  Sharon asked that I thank them for providing the music for us to practice to.  I mention this, as it’s a reflection of just how friendly the teachers were and how they integrated so well with all the dancers.

Linz leads us all through her West Coast Swing routine.  Photo courtesy of Jeanette Burdie

7: We ❤️ doing something different

It’s part of being human to enjoy stepping out of your comfort zone from time to time to try something different and sure enough there was something very different on the programme – a Fun Ballet Class run by Jan Campling.  Now I can’t say that I did this class but the photos suggest it attracted a good turnout including several men.  The notes on the schedule said:

Ballet basics but with a boogie beat and lyrical laughter no doubt.

Jeanette took a video of their final routine and sure enough, it was to a boogie beat, The Bee Gees More than a woman.  Seeing the video of the final routine made me think back to a time when I asked a lady, I’d just had a fabulous dance with, why she was so good.  She wasn’t quite sure but wondered if it was anything to do with the fact that she’s done ballet as a young girl.  Other ladies have put their balance and styling down to ballet classes too.

I met up with Jan at the recent Southport Weekender and we discussed her Majorca class.  She told me how much fun she’d had doing it and how everyone seemed to love it.  Jan told me how she is a fully-fledged ballet teacher and how grasping the basics of ballet can help your Modern Jive dancing.  I see that Jan is doing her ballet class at next year’s Party at the Palace Weekender.  The more I learn about this weekender the more I think I’d better get my name down quickly.

Hey, I think the guys have got it too.  Photo courtesy of Jeanette Burdie

8: We ❤️ the pop-up Bridge lessons

There was one class that wasn’t on the itinerary.  A lesson in how to play the card game Bridge.  It was run by Ian Barnett and attracted an enthusiastic group of experienced and never-played-before people.  Each morning after breakfast, Ian would set up tables outside the main dance hall and would explain the rules and strategies of this fascinating game.

One evening I got to sit with Ian for our evening meal and he explained the passion he has for the game.  I love meeting passionate people, as I think they add so much to our lives and it was a joy to listen to Ian talk enthusiastically about his love of Bridge and how he loves showing other people how to play.

The best holidays are those that throw up the unexpected.  This holiday was full of unexpected treats and this was one of many more that people loved about our time in Alcudia.

Ian explains one of the finer points of Bridge

9: We ❤️ the dancing

Of course, the one thing we all came for was the opportunity to have some fabulous dances and it seems we all did.  I mentioned at the start that I knew few people on this holiday.  This was in many ways an advantage as it gave me the thrill of dancing with new people – ladies that I had no idea of their dancing standard or style.  Of course, they also had no idea of my dancing level either, so there was something wonderful about instantly connecting with someone I’d not danced with before.

This idea of dancing with new people was something that Margaret loved too.  Here she talks about some of the great dances she had:

There were lots of great dancers on this holiday, some of whom I clicked with and had the most amazing dances.

I loved the next thing Margaret said:

They must have enjoyed the dances as much as I did because at the end they would say, ‘That was brill’, which really put a smile on my face.

Isn’t that what we want from our dancing.  To put a smile on our partner’s face and to smile back.  The standard of dancing amongst the men and ladies here was impressive and the dance floor was filled with smiles.

Linz DJs for a night time dance session.  Photo courtesy of Jeanette Burdie

We ❤️ afternoon Tango dancing

Ken Blake and his demo Rachel Coyle ran one morning and one afternoon Tango class.  The first of these started with the basics for any inexperienced Tango dancers.  There were quite a few Tango dancers on this holiday and, as well as Ken classes, there were other opportunities to dance in this style.  On several afternoons Ken provided music in the main dance hall (see image below) but each night the DJs made sure they provided some music for the Tango dancers.

Several times I found myself watching couples dancing the Tango in the late-night dance sessions.  Now, I’ve tried a bit of Argentine Tango lately and I know how hard it is.

One night I was transfixed by one couple doing Argentine Tango and was particularly impressed how the lady did that ‘leg dressing thing’.  Interestingly this lady was one of my favourite dance partners.  It seems that the best dancers try all different styles of dancing.  The posture, connection to the beat and styling of Tango is always going to enhance a person’s Modern Jive dancing, in the same way, that ballet does.  Not that I’m going to start ballet lessons anytime soon.

Tango dancers enjoy some afternoon dancing

We ❤️ dancing outside

I love dancing outside.  One of the reasons I love the Ceroc Southport weekender so much is the fact there are lots of opportunities to dance outside.  In Majorca, we had DJ Russel to thank for putting on open-air afternoon dance sessions in the area between the bar and stage.  He waited until five o’clock when the sun had gone down a little and there was some shade.  These sessions proved very popular as in between dances you could sip at your long cool drink.

Thankfully part of the dance floor was in the shade.  Photo courtesy of Jeanette Burdie

Margaret and Debbie ❤️ it too

For these afternoon sessions, Russell played a mix of up-tempo and slower tracks and showed just how broad his musical knowledge is.  I particularly loved his slower tracks allowing me to do the smooth slotted style of dancing I love so much.  Margaret too loved these afternoon sessions:

One of the biggest things I loved was the dancing outside in the afternoon with the sunshine and breeze from the sea.

Margaret’s friend Debbie was another who loved these afternoon dancing and chilling sessions:

My favourite part of the holiday was the dancing in the afternoon.  It got me in the mood for the evening dancing.

Now I’m not a big drinker but during these chilled afternoon sessions, I treated myself to a glass of sangria.  On several afternoons I joined Margaret, Debbie and their friends for a bit of dancing and drinking.  Sun, sangria, dancing and chatting with friends.  Does life get any better?

Everyone, it seemed enjoyed cool drinks in between afternoon dancing.  Photo courtesy of Jeanette Burdie

I ❤️ chatting with Russell about dance music

I’d first come across DJ Russell Gibbs when he DJed the afternoon Motown and Northern Soul Hour at Southport and remember being impressed with his knowledge of this genre of music.  However, Russell has the same passion for many different genres of music and I found myself chatting with him about our shared love of all kinds of dance music while he DJed these afternoon sets.

When he was DJing the main room one night, Russell played a track that had me on the stage asking, ‘What was that fabulous track?’.  Sadly, I hadn’t got my Auto Shazam on at the time but I had to know what the track was.  It had the most funked-up beat that once again gave me and my partner a fabulous dance.  He gave it another play in one of his afternoon sets.

Like I’ve said above, connection to the beat is everything and this track has a wonderful soul-infused beat that hits you as soon as you hear the trumpet intro.  I couldn’t help but connect with it instantly.  The track is Lick it before you stick it by Denise LaSalle.  It was recorded in the ’90s but has the feel of a ’70s soul track from the famous Stax Studios in Memphis.  Please take a listen but ignore the words.  Connect with the beat but don’t worry about the lyrics.  Just go with the the energised funky beat, nothing else.

Russell delights with an afternoon Smoothie

Like all the DJs, Russell played lots of current favourites, but I like to use my reviews to include music that’s not so well known, and on one of these afternoon sessions he played a track with a wonderful laid-back beat that I just loved.  It made for a super smooth chill-out dance.  The track is from the ’90 when rapping was starting to filter its way into mainstream music.  The result is a gorgeous piece of smooth soul from female duo Zhané called Hey Mr. DJ.

Russell has also built a reputation on the Northern West Coast Swing scene and he slipped in a few chill-out tracks into his evening DJing slots perfect for WCS.  One evening he played Click, click, click by New Kids on the block.  It’s one of my favourite chill-out tracks but I had a go at West Coasting to it, trying out some of Linz’s patterns, and I think I did OK.  I’ve featured Click, click, click many times on my blog so here is the cool R&B of Hey Mr. DJ.

10: We ❤️ getting out and about

As I mentioned in Item 1, this was also a holiday in the sun and a chance to enjoy some of the local sights.  While we were situated at the end of a long stretch of hotel developments, some three miles away was the Port of Alcudia with its marina and bars.  A little further inland from the port was the old town of Alcudia.

Now, myself and Marion walked the three miles along the beach to the port, but there was an easier way.  The picture below shows a group of dancers on the river taxi that went from the jetty, just a few minutes from the hotel, to the port.  Their final destination was the weekly market held in the old town, just a fifteen-minute walk from the port.  The old town was a favourite destination of people with its narrow streets and outdoor restaurants.

Debbie was one of the group on the water taxi.  This was her second time on this holiday and she had this to say about her trip:

The water taxi is a great way to arrive at the port and a visit to the old town is a must.

Sadly, we didn’t know about the water taxi, but myself and Marion loved our morning stroll along the beach with the waves gently lapping at our feet. After our extended walk, with a break for coffee in one of the large hotels just off the beach, we enjoyed a lovely meal overlooking the sea near the port.  After a well-earned rest, we then caught a bus to Port de Pollença.  This is one of the nicest resorts on the island and we enjoyed an afternoon with an ice cream sundae and drinks in the sunshine.

On the water taxi to Alcudia.  Photo courtesy of Jeanette Burdie

11: We ❤️ the on-stage entertainment

The dancing started each evening at nine-thirty, but the room was initially quiet as most people took in the on-stage entertainment that went on until ten.  Like all large hotels, a show was provided for everyone’s entertainment.  Sadly I’m not one for these types of shows but instead enjoyed the more chilled music that was played in the quieter first half hour.

One evening my friend Margaret came enthusiastically into the dance hall after the show had finished:

Did you see the Rock Show, Paul?

No, I’ve been enjoying some relaxed dancing.

Oh, you missed a treat.  It was fabulous.  The band was so good.  We were all jumping up and down, singing along to all the classic rock anthems.

That’s the thing about this holiday, there was a bit of everything.  Something for everyone and never a dull moment.  I’m missing it already!

The crowd joins in with the rock anthems.  Photo courtesy of Jeanette Burdie

We ❤️ the hotel’s own line dance

At the end of each evening’s show, the entertainment staff performed a line dance, essentially for the children.  Line dancing has become a big part of Modern Jive dancing and many of the dancers joined in with the kids in front of the stage.  DJ Russell got hold of the music and at the end of the final afternoon dancing session gave it a play.

I was impressed by just how many of the dancers joined in.  Two of the entertainment staff saw the performance and led the actions from the stage.   The way people took up the challenge and learned this line dance was a great example of the spirit of this holiday – a willingness to join in with everything on offer.  It was also an example of how Russell made these afternoon dancing sessions a big fun part of our holiday.

Now, two steps to the right and then . . .  Photo courtesy of Jeanette Burdie

12: We ❤️ learning and performing our Grease routine

Talking of fun parts of the holiday, the biggest was without doubt the group performance of a Grease routine put together by Linz Bee.  We performed the routine immediately after the main entertainment finished one evening, ensuring we had a ready-made audience but I think we had even more fun learning the routine earlier in the afternoon.

The routine had three elements based around three songs from the Grease film soundtrack.  The first was a simple line dance performed just by the girls to We go together.  Now I’m hopeless at line dances, so I was pleased the boys just had to watch them as they graced the floor with synchronised movements and spins.  Then we joined our partners, doing our best impressions of John Travolta as the girls brought out their inner Olivia Newton John to the backing of You’re the one that I want.

The final part saw us doing the well-known Grease lightening arm movements.  We somehow managed to get the timing right so that all our arms went up at the same time (well most of the time as you’ll see in the video).  Linz had quite a job on her hands and it’s fair to say she had to do more run-throughs than she had hoped, but going wrong just made us all more determined to get it right and do Linz proud.  Learning that routine was the greatest fun and the sense of achievement when we got it all most right was quite overwhelming.

I think we are all going in the right direction.  Screenshot from Jeanette Burdie’s video

We ❤️ a chance for fancy dress

That night we all dressed up in ’50s gear with a whole parade of John Travolta and Olivia Newton John look-a-likes, supported by T-birds, Pink Ladies and more ladies in fabulous Rock ‘n’ Roll swirly dresses.  It seems we Modern Jivers love any opportunity to put on some fancy dress and it’s a mark of the fun we all have that some people really go to town with their costume ideas.

I’ve got to pick out one guy for coming up with what I thought was the most original ’50s style costume.  If there had been a prize I would have given it to Neil, from my own Derby class night, for coming as Buddy Holly (see pic below).  The video in the next section shows just how much effort everyone made and what a great bunch of people we got to share this holiday with.

Buddy Holly and a supporting cast.  Photo courtesy of Jeanette Burdie

We ❤️ being on the stage

As the hotel’s entertainment staff’s performance of Frozen drew to a close nerves started to show and for that reason I have to pick out six people who showed some real bottle.  The great bulk of us danced the routine in front of the stage but Linz had asked for volunteers to dance on the stage.  As the girls took their places three ladies bravely took to the stage.  Later their three male partners would join them and it’s these six people on the stage that gave some pizazz to the performance.

So take a bow Greta and Ian, Janet and Gary and Jan and Graham because you were fabulous.  Janet went on Facebook and wrote this about her Grease experience:

I never in my wildest dreams saw myself on the stage!!  But so much fun it just had to be done.

It was so much fun and I bet Janet never thought she’d ever see herself on YouTube either.  Well done to all six of you.  You gave us all a memory we will cherish.  On behalf of everyone, I’d like to also congratulate Linz for devising the routine and being so patient with us all when we kept asking to go over it once again.

13: We ❤️ The photographs

We all love seeing photographs of ourselves having fun and for that, I want to pay a special tribute to Jeanette Burdie.  Jeanette was on duty every day to record the special moments of this holiday.  It was some effort and she also ensured that they were posted to the Revolution Dance Facebook page within hours.  These pictures were then instantly shared on people’s own Facebook pages.  The word spreads quickly when you are having a fabulous time.

The picture that heads this review was taken before our Gala Night dinner.  Not only did Jeanette take a series of group photos she also took the time to individually photo every couple who wanted their own souvenir of this fabulous night.  She did the same on the Grease performance night.  Below is the group photo of us all in fancy dress but she again took individual photos of us in couples and small groups.  Not surprisingly people took to Facebook to show their appreciation of Jeanette’s work.

Big thanks for the lovely photos, you do a fantastic job.  They really add to the Revolution experience.  Sue
Thank you Jeanette for all your efforts to give us all the wonderful memories in photos of our fabulous holiday.  Janet
Thank you for filming/photographing memories for us.  Maureen
Jeanette kindly permitted me to use her photos and it made writing this review so much easier.  Her pictures tell their own story of this fabulous holiday and I think they greatly complement my own words. A big thank you, Jeanette, from all of us.

Jeanette captures the sense of fun at the start of our fancy dress night

14: We ❤️ giving feedback

When you’ve had a good time, as we all had in Majorca, you want to show your appreciation and sure enough, the Revolution Dance Facebook Page was full of love for Keith and his team.  I mentioned above the love shown for Jeanette and her photographs so here are just a few of the comments that showed the appreciation for Keith and Janey’s hard work.  I don’t think I need to say any more myself.

Just home after a fabulous week in Mallorca with Keith Davies, Janey & crew and want to say a massive thank you to everyone for making us feel so welcome.  Food, company, entertainment & dancing were brilliant.  Sharon

As always it was a lovely holiday with lovely people.  Thank you again for all your hard work and organisation.  Sandra

We had a fabulous time Keith.  Lovely people, great atmosphere, awesome hotel, lots of dancing and laughs.  Thank you so much.  Denise

Keith ❤️ the help from the hotel staff

I asked Keith what he had loved about this holiday.  He obviously loved seeing everyone having a great time.  He wrote these words on the Revolution Dance Facebook Page:

A huge Thank You to all who came to Mallorca last week and made it an epic holiday, creating amazing memories and friendships.  You guys rocked & were amazing all week.
Keith also told me that he loved the way the hotel staff co-operated with him and his team:
Nothing was too much trouble for them and any issues were soon ironed out.
I think we all appreciated the level of service we got, particularly in the dining room and the bar.  The staff worked so tirelessly.  To show his and our appreciation of the level of service that the hotel staff offered everyone, he organised a collection which raised over €402 to be split between the hotel staff.  That was a lovely touch, Keith.

15: We ❤️ the thought of doing it all again next year

Many of the people on this holiday had been before and I’ve no doubt they will be signing up for next year.  Janet, one of the stars of our Grease performance went on Facebook to say she had already booked.  All the details are on the Revolution Dance Facebook Page and their Website (see links below).  The dates are Saturday 20 May to Saturday 27 May 2023.

I would have no hesitation recommending this holiday to anyone who wants to have seven days of fun in the sun and on the dance floor.  Please don’t leave booking too late as I know it always sells out.  Here’s Keith explaining just what great value it is:

Did you know our 4-Star All-Inclusive Holiday is cheaper than Iberostar Hotel’s own holiday in the same week!  So you get all our Teachers, DJs & Dancing at no extra cost!!!

That sounds like great value to me.  I’ll conclude by featuring one last image captured by Jan Campling.  It shows the sun setting over the hotel on our last night there.  I look forward to seeing a picture of the sun rising in a year’s time on another great dance holiday in the sun.

The sun sets on the final day.  Photo courtesy of Jan Campling

Keith tells me the story behind the World Champs

The story starts in 1999.  Keith and dance partner Janey were successful competitors in the dance championships that were held predominantly in the south of the country.  On their way back from a Champs in the South, with their friends Tony & Angelina Murphy, they all four realised that there were no Modern Jive competitions in the whole of the North of England.  Determined to bring Championship dancing to the north, they formed their first dance company, Chance 2 Dance, and set about, with Tony and Angelina, creating what would become the World Modern Jive Championships in 2001.  Keith takes up the story:

We thought big & secured the Dance Mecca of the World, the Blackpool Winter Gardens and within two years we had over 1,500 Modern Jive Dancers joining us for this annual pilgrimage from all over the world.

Keith explained to me how they wanted to show some true northern hospitality.

We ran a freestyle on the Friday night and arranged for everyone to have fish, chips and mushy peas.  We even had it served with Silver Service to make it a bit posher.

It seems the Champs was an initial success and Keith told me how they had six hundred people for the first ‘dance with a stranger’ competition.  I’ve visited the World Champs twice,  Each time I’ve been there’s been a tea dance on the Sunday afternoon.  Keith told me how that idea first started:

The Champs were held on the Saturday but to make it a full weekend we got permission to allow our dancers to be given entry to the Tea Dance in The Tower Ballroom.  Here an organist played tunes for people to ballroom dance.  We arranged for the organist to play some tunes we could Modern Jive to.  It was a great end to the weekend.

In 2006 Keith and Janey handed the World Champs reins over to Tony & Angelina and launched their own dance company, Revolution Dance with a weekly Class Night and monthly Freestyles in Stockport.  They would eventually start doing weekenders and went on to form Euphoria Holidays to run the Alcudia holidays.

Keith became the Ceroc Champion & Modern Jive World Champion in 2018/19 with his dance partner Vicky.  I entered the World Champs for the first time in March 2022 with my dance partner Thelma.  I suppose I have Keith and Janey to thank for what was an amazing experience.  Thank you.

Dancing with Thelma in the World Champs in March

Enjoy another dance fix with my novel

If you enjoy reading my dance blogs, I’m sure you’ll love reading my novel, Would you like to dance?  It tells the story of how Ellie and her friends discover the joy that is partner dancing and finds the confidence to enter an amateur dance competition.  The story is full of the excitement and passion that I feel about dancing and I’m sure many people will recognise themselves in the ten characters that make up Ellie’s Newbie Dance Gang.  Here’s a little more about the storyline:

When Ellie Grant’s partner leaves her for a younger woman, her whole world crumbles. Not only does she lose her partner of almost ten years but she also loses her friendship group which cruelly stands by her ex-partner.

After several months of feeling sorry for herself, drinking a worrying amount of Australian red wine and going up a dress size, Ellie resolves to try and create a new life for herself.

This new life increasingly revolves around dancing and it’s not long before she finds herself at a Modern Jive dance class.

Why not visit the website I’ve designed to support the novel.  It is packed with background information on how I came to write Ellie’s story and reviews from the people who have already enjoyed it.  You also find whole sections dedicated to the joy that is Modern Jive dancing including photo galleries and videos showing the fun we all have on the dance floor.  You will also find a link to go direct to the Amazon Store to download the novel.  Go to Would you like to dance website.

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