Rolls Royce does the World Championships at Blackpool

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Everyone's chance to emulate the Strictly Stars In just a few days' time, the World Modern Jive Championships (WMJC) takes place at the iconic Tower Ballroom in Blackpool.  The competitions are built into a three-day programme of [...]

Smooth Jive: Classic Chill-out: Volume 3 (SILC Gold)

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Contemporary tracks dominate Chill-out playlists Carefully listening to Chill-out DJs playlist something has become obvious.  The bulk of the tracks have a contemporary feel and when I've looked into the release dates of some of [...]

20 Things we loved about the Ceroc River Cruise

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Featured Image:  Photo courtesy of Mike Smith.  Artwork by Tel Jenkins Another first and what a fabulous one I've been lucky to have been involved in many Ceroc firsts.  These include the first Fresh Weekender [...]

Stockport Town Hall with Revolution Dance (June 2022)

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Another iconic venue As I've travelled around the country, I've been lucky to have danced at some iconic venues - Cheltenham Town Hall, Stirling's Albert Halls and Newark's Kelham Hall.  Because of their opulence, these [...]

The Spirit of Southport Scorch 2022 in 12 top tracks

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The Spirit of Southport lies in the music If you had to describe Ceroc's Southport Weekender to someone who had no idea what even Ceroc was, where would you start?  You'd probably begin by telling them [...]

15 things we loved about our Majorca Dance Holiday with Revolution Dance (May 2022)

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I wait two years for this fab dance holiday Back in November 2019, I received a message on Facebook asking me if I would like to go on a dance holiday the following May to [...]

20 Things we loved about the Beach Roc Weekender (Apr 2022)

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A dance fix on the beach Everyone has their favourite Weekender.  For me, it's a split between Ceroc's mega dance fest at Southport and MJRoc's Warmwell.  For some people, it's Beach Roc the small-scale meet-up [...]

B60 Blends: Ceroc Groove at Lickey End, Bromsgrove (April 2022)

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Ceroc Groove launch B60 BLENDS What I love about our dance scene is the way it keeps evolving and in doing so keeps experienced dancers like myself excited and coming back for more.  One development [...]

Serene Sunday with added West Coast Swing near Nottingham

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Could Nottingham establish a West Coast Swing base? Nottingham has a thriving Ceroc and Modern Jive scene.  Ceroc Heaven put on wonderful freestyles at Grange Hall in Ratcliff on Trent, near Nottingham and Pirate Jive [...]

World Modern Jive Championships: The excitement builds (March 2022)

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Fulfilling a dream with a bundle of nerves This weekend, Friday 25 to Sunday 27 March sees the return of the World Modern Jive Championships run by Jive Addiction.  I attended the last one in [...]

Southport Weekender: Motown & Northern Soul Hour (Feb 2022)

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It's Tony's turn to Keep the Faith As soon as the programme for the Ceroc Southport Weekender comes out, I look for one thing - the Motown & Northern Soul Hour.  Once I see that [...]