Warning: School Reunions can be too much fun

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Warning: School Reunions can be too much fun

Having more fun than is good for us

Why is it that we are all having more fun now, than when we were free spirits in our early twenties, with little or no responsibilities.  There’s just something about this wonderful dance scene, that means that most of us are having more fun than is good for us.

This weekend it’s The Ceroc Breeze weekender at Brean on the Somerset Coast just down from Weston-super-Mare.  The assembled masses will dance their socks off, stay up way too late and will get through more bottles of Prosecco than a Geordie Hen Party.

All this will be done in the company of wonderful friends – old and new – and by the time Monday morning comes around, they’ll all be wanting to do it all over again.

Lynda and Terry send out the invites

After visiting Bristol on my Tea Dance Tour, I made Facebook friends with Terry and Lynda Hills, and it’s been very interesting to see them posting about a School Reunion Chalet Party they are organising at Breeze.  Now I’m not sure which school is having the reunion, but I understand that you do have to have an invite.  At least that’s one sensible thing about this Chalet Party.

Both Terry and Lynda are crew members at Strictly Ceroc’s Bristol venues, and they’ve joined up with their friends – The Humphries and The Chivers to organise a Chalet Party from 9:30 on the Friday.  Here’s what the invite had to say:

Don your mortar boards and dig out the old school tie.  Cheerleaders or School Mascots all are welcome.

Bring a drink for the Teacher, or you will have to write lines.  Prefects on duty so no school bullies allowed!

Now excuse me if I read between the lines here.  ‘Bring a drink for the Teacher’ – it used to be an apple!  I thought the Teachers were there to keep order – won’t too much Prosecco compromise their organisational skills?  Perhaps I’m wrong about the Prosecco, perhaps everyone’s bringing Vimto and Ribena.

These teacher sound a bit strict though, and let’s not forget about the Prefects.  They would worry me.  I can see them patrolling the walkways outside the chalet as if they were auditioning for Cell Block H.  And what’s this about doing lines if you forget the Vimto.

Don’t be fooled by the Angelic Invite

Am I being a bit of a kill-joy here?  I don’t think so.  Don’t be fooled by the angelic images on the poster that Terry and Lynda have used to promote the event.  After reading what all the pupils have been posting on Facebook in the run up it to the event, it seems that anything could happen.  For a starter here’s what Sadie posted:

Time to be naughty!  I think I will enjoy detention at Breeze school.

I can’t say I ever enjoyed detention at school – mind you I did go to an All-Boys School.  All I remember of detention is having to write hundreds of lines:

I must not forget to bring Teacher Vimto. I must not forget to bring Teacher Vimto.  I must not . . .

Seems like Sadie has other ideas – that’s the problem with mixed schools.  There was no hanky panky at my boys school, I can tell you.  The most fun we had was at The Ballroom Dancing Club after school on Friday nights (the only perk for getting in to the sixth form).  Girls from a local All-Girl’s School were invited.  We hardly knew what girls were, and it was quite frankly terrifying.

Thank goodness for Ceroc’s Golden Rule

When Mr Thorpe, that was the teacher who ran The Ballroom Dancing Club, told us to take our partners for the first dance, we all froze:

If you won’t ask the girls to dance I’m going home.

We all thought they’d take one look at our spotty faces and say ‘No!’

I suspect that one of the reasons that we all have so much fun now, is because of Ceroc’s Golden Rule, that no one should refuse a dance.  Why didn’t we have that rule at the School Disco.

Again the girls from the All-Girls school were invited, and duly danced round their handbags.  We just stood and watched least we got rejected.  Like I said, it was no fun at an All-Boys School.

The last School Reunion got seriously out of hand

Now I mention my worry that it could all get out of hand, because of a recent dysfunctional freestyle I visited near Torquay.  Ceroc Devon decided to have a Back to School fancy dress theme for the night.

I was greeted at the door by a rather strict looking Headmistress with a cane, who insisted that before I could enter the dance hall I had to read the school rules.  Interestingly the first rule was:

No kissing behind the bike sheds

Now trust me my record of kissing anyone, let alone behind the bike sheds, while I was in school uniform was not very impressive.  I reassured the Headmistress that I was a goody-goody and was thankfully let in.

Everyone was asked to read The School Rules by The Headmistress

What does go off behind the bike sheds?

It seems that at Breeze, Headmistress Lynda is also anticipating problems behind the bike sheds.  I spotted this comment on Facebook from James, one of the boys Lynda has invited.  It seems he can make it, but it will mean he has to play truant.  Trust me I never did anything like that, but then James is obviously not a goody-goody like I was:

Thanks for the invite Lynda.  I’ll bunk off a few classes for this.  Can I please bring a couple of other lovely female truants along – with drinks of course?

Of course you can James, no hiding behind the bike sheds though.

What’s with the bike shed thing?  Lynda you don’t want to be putting ideas in to these young people’s heads, and I hope the drinks they are talking about are nothing more potent than Dandelion and Burdock. 

I’ll be serious for a moment

Fancy dress has really taken off at all Modern Jive events, and particularly at Weekenders, and what’s really impressive is the lengths that some people go to and the creativity they put in to their costumes.  My own home crowd from Ceroc Heaven in Nottingham always have a theme when they meet up at The Southport Weekenders.

They’ve done everything from Morris Men – lots of cowbells, Boy Scouts and Girl Guides – lots of DYB DYB DYB-ing and DOB DOB DOB-ing.  Then of course there was St Trinians.

Now I know I went to an all boys school, but I do remember seeing girls in uniform.

Now call me prudish if you want, but I do not remember girls wearing skirts so short that you could see the tops of their stockings and suspenders.

Also I can not recall girls in my school days having most of the buttons on their blouses undone.  I just don’t know where to look when I’m dancing with them now.

So Lynda, I’m just suggesting that you might want to check the length of the skirts, and that their blouses are done up to the top.  While you’re at it make sure the boys have done their ties up properly.  I suspect these checks will result in a lot of them being put in detention.  It could be busy in there.

There could also be some inappropriate behaviour.  Remember that Sadie is actually looking forward to detention.  I hope you have a lot of Prefects on duty.

One of the Ceroc Heaven Crew tries to keep order at the Southport Weekender

My parents never had this much fun

What I find so interesting is that people love having their photographs taken when they are misbehaving.  Perhaps we were all so good at school that we love the idea of misbehaving now.  I remember looking at my parents generation and thinking that they didn’t seem to be having that much fun.

So what happened to our generation?  Did they put something in the water!

Of course weekenders are a great form of escapism.  Not for nothing did Ceroc brand their dance fest get-togethers as ESCAPE Dance Weekenders, and it’s great that they offer people a few days off from normality, where the rules can be bent a little.

I have fun with the photo’s

As I sat down to write my review of Ceroc Devon’s Back to School Freestyle, I was pleased to see that lots of photo’s of the night were posted on Facebook.  What surprised me a little was the way people had really played up to the camera, and I soon had enough material to give my review an added sense of humour (see link below).

One of the things that I occasionally do is to play with captions on photos, and my good friend Tel Jenkins helped me create this cartoon style image to include in my review.  It shows Ivan Burton demonstrating a move during a SILC lesson that was held before the freestyle.

Photos can offer comedy opportunities

Fun with The School Reunion

The more I see the comments posted on The Breeze School Reunion Facebook Page, the more I think that there could be an opportunity to write a comedy article for my blog around the photos that I’m sure will appear on Facebook after the event.

I asked Lynda and Terry what they thought, and whether their school guests would be up for it.  Here’s what Lynda had to say:

Absolutely yes.  We love a good party, and as Breeze was not on last year a ‘School Reunion’ fancy dress theme, was for me, the obvious choice.

It’s an easy theme for everyone to get involved with, as you can see from the comments on Facebook.

I am sure all our dance family will do us proud and party hard, and I’m sure they’ll be lots of photos posted on Facebook that you can work with.

My thanks to Lynda for giving the OK, and I’m sure, as she says, her dance family will have a great time.

More fun with Ceroc Devon Photos

My review of Ceroc Devon’s Back to School freestyle with its photos, and the story line I built around them, went down very well.  As I was looking at the reaction to my review on Facebook I spotted some more fabulous photos from the night.  They were posted by one of the ladies who had gone dressed as a pimply faced naughty boy.

Two photos with comedy potential caught my eye, and I duly asked permission if I could use them in this article.  They show just how easily these pictures can be used to raise a smile.  So let me go in to comedy mode again and offer some advice to Lynda and Terry.

Some timely advice for Breeze

I know these kids look like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths, but don’t be taken in Lynda.  I think you need to lay down some rules – not that that helped The Ceroc Devon Crew.  Even though they had Prefects patrolling the area around the bike sheds, it seems that there were plenty of kids who couldn’t resist temptation.

Not surprising really considering the number short skirts and unbuttoned blouses.  Understandably there was soon a queue outside the Headmasters Office.  In fact so busy was he in handing out punishment, that he had to call on the services of the Headmistress.  You’d think those two would frighten anyone in to behaving properly, but sadly not..

Well you know what happens to naughty boys

Keep the Prosecco locked away

Something tells me that Vimto or Dandelion and Burdock is not going to hack it, and that you will be receiving lots of bottles of Prosecco Lynda.  People always like to please their teachers, so you could end up with quite a stock pile.  Now I know that the boys and girls are supposedly underage, and shouldn’t even be allowed to buy the stuff, but this is a weekender – normal rules don’t apply.  If they did we’d all be in bed by midnight.

So just in case you need more convincing that your School Reunion could end up as something of a bun fight, take a look at this image from the Ceroc Devon fancy dress freestyle.  It tells its own story.  Just make sure the Prosecco is under lock and key.  And one last thing.  Be careful who you trust with the key.  I noted that Andrea was trying to get in your good books:

I was Head Girl at school!! #just saying

Be careful, the last person you should trust with the key, is someone who tells you they were Head Girl at school.  At the Ceroc Devon freestyle The Head Girl was the first one to be caught round the back of the bike sheds, and she was with The Head Boy.  #just saying!

Hopefully Lynda will keep her 10 bottles out of reach of naughty school kids

Emergency Aid is available

Partying hard seems to come quite easy to people at Weekenders, I don’t think that the Geordie Hen Parties could keep up.  However over indulging in the Weekender pleasures can sometimes lead to a need for emergency aid.  But don’t worry help will be available.

Katie, who so dutifully played the Headmistress at The Ceroc Devon Back to School freestyle, got in touch to say that some of their number are going to Breeze as Doctors and Nurses.  Something tells me that the Devon posse be in party mode too, so don’t bank on getting the highest level of assistance, but its a nice gesture Katie.

A snapshot of Breeze for the blog

I had hoped that I would get to The Breeze Weekender to write something for my blog, but other dancing commitments got in the way.  But writing a comedy piece around the Breeze School Reunion would be a good way of taking a snapshot of what I’m sure will be an amazing dance fest.

I’ll keep my eye out for the pictures that are posted on Facebook.  I should say that it is always my policy to ask for permission to use any photos.

My thanks to Jane and Katie, from Ceroc Devon, for giving me permission to use the photos of them as the naughtiest boy in school and cane wielding Headmistress.

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