Sunshine in the rain: BWO

//Sunshine in the rain: BWO

Sunshine in the rain: BWO

I’m often asked to name some of my favourite tracks. Of course there are hundreds of great tracks we dance to, but I’ve come up with a list that I hope will get some approval. My criteria for choosing a track are that I must have heard it in at least three different venues and it should be at least 5 years old. The list is in no particular order and my eleventh choice is Sunshine in the rain by BWO.

We all know this song but who are BWO?

I doubt there is any modern jiver who has not danced to this track. In fact so popular is it, that I suspect everyone knows the words of the chorus, but does anyone know who BWO are? Well they are a Swedish trio formed in 2003 who then disbanded in 2010. It appears they were very big in Sweden and across Scandinavia, but had no real success in The UK other than in 2005 with Sunshine in the rain. Even then the track failed to make any real impact on the charts, though it was a little more successful in club land.

So who found this popular track?

I can’t help wondering who the first person was to spin this track at a modern jive venue. I suppose many of the DJs, who bring us these wonderful dance tracks, learnt their craft in the clubs. Did just one DJ spot it while on club duty and then others slowly picked it up? Perhaps back in 2005 everyone was playing it. Sadly I wasn’t modern jiving in 2005 to know the answer, and I’m ashamed to say that all the great dance music from that time passed me by.

Was the track discovered more recently?

I started at my first Ceroc class in Derby some eight years ago and I can’t ever recall hearing it back then. As I branched out in to the freestyle scene I don’t remember hearing it then either. It’s difficult to remember just when it first entered my consciousness, but I’m left wondering if this track has only been included in modern jive playlists for as little as four years. If so who dug it out of the dance music vaults?

A perfect dance track

When I look back through the songs on my favourites list they all have something in common – they are easy to dance to. This song is no different, in fact it might be the perfect modern jive track. Its simple four-four beat is so well defined it’s very easy to connect with its beat. This probably explains why it’s particularly popular at class nights.

So why didn’t it make the top of the charts?

Apparently it made No 69 in the charts when it was first released. I find this strange because it is such a fabulous pop song. It’s so catchy that there is even a Karaoke version on YouTube. I heard it recently on Radio 2, which proves it has popular appeal, but perhaps it just didn’t have enough street cred. It is a little pretty if I’m honest, but this gives it a joyous feel and it has proved to be a guaranteed modern jive floor filler.

BWO sounds better than Body without Organs

BWO is an abbreviation of the groups original name Body without Organs. Sadly as a dance and music blogger I skipped the explanation on Wikipedia as to the deep philosophical meaning of this phrase, and BWO sounds so much better.

A track that didn’t pass me by

In many ways BWO was just another project of trio member Alexander Bard. Like many people in the music industry they pop up in the unlikeliest of places. Prior to forming BWO, Bard was the producers of the world wide hit Crying at the discotheque by another Swedish group Alcazar in 2001 (Abba aren’t the only music export of Sweden).

Back in 2001 my dancing was sadly restricted to the odd Christmas disco outing, but for some reason I actually bought Crying at the discotheque, and I can see myself disco dancing to it in my front room. It’s a track that is occasionally played at modern jive events and I see no reason why it can’t become as big as Sunshine in the rain.

An excuse to play a Niles Rogers’ inspired track

Crying at the discotheque heavily samples Sheila and B Devotion’s 1979 hit Spacer, written and produced by the dance music legend that is Chic’s Niles Rodgers. I’m always fascinated by the hidden links that join up so much of the music we love to dance to. So here then is the Alcazar track that seamlessly links BWO to Chic.

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  1. Anne September 6, 2017 at 8:29 pm - Reply

    Hi Paul I’m just listening to some of the wonderful tracks you put on your blog…..such good selections! I really do enjoy all the different genres and they always get me dancing round the kitchen! Thanks so much for the great music ….keeps me reading all your great reviews and reflections on what dancing is all about ? ?

    • Paul Jeffery September 7, 2017 at 7:34 am - Reply

      Hi Anne. Pleased you are lovin’ the music. I’m sure they’ll be a whole lot more in the coming weeks. Pleased you like reading my reflections on what dancing is all about. Hopefully you’ll enjoy my report on Southport which starts today. In it I share other peoples view of what its like at a weekender.

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